Space Perspective Unveils Interior Of Capsule Designed To Rise To Edge Of Space

Want to visit space without the potential nausea of microgravity and huge carbon cost to the environment? How about with a cocktail in hand? Space Perspective wants to make it happen, and it’s easy to envision this as the next scene for influencers and celebrities who want to craft the perfect social media post.

After opening for reservations last summer and becoming the first space tourism company to accept crypto as payment, Space Perspective has now unveiled the designs for their Spaceship Neptune passenger capsule, which will rise to the edge of space thanks to a huge balloon.

With an almost 360-degree panoramic view, Spaceship Neptune’s Space Lounge looks less like a spacecraft and more like a luxury Airbnb rental. The entire space is designed for comfort with reclining seats, food and beverage capabilities, LED lighting to enhance the views of earth and blackness of space, and telescope and interactive screens to keep passengers up to date on flight progress.

As part of the news, Space Perspective announced that hospitality and entertainment entrepreneur David Grutman (known for his Miami-area restaurant and night club ventures) is joining the company as Experience Curator. Grutman will advise on the end-to-end experience from arrival at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, to in-flight and post-landing.

“It is hard to overstate the importance of this design breakthrough, Space Perspective is setting the standard in space tourism,” says Jane Poynter, Founder, Co-CEO and Chief Experience Officer of Space Perspective.

“The welcoming comfort and calm of the exhilarating Space Lounge experience offers travelers the opportunity to take phenomenal pictures, be educated via our expert pilot and interactive content, enjoy once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences and of course simply soak up the 360 degree views,” adds Poynter. “Our deliberate design process results in a configuration that enables individual contemplation of our extraordinary planet, while inviting a sense of shared experience between our Space Explorers that will create bonds lasting a lifetime. We are delighted to have David join to deliver the ultimate in customizable hospitality for our Space Explorers.”

Perhaps equally important – especially in an age of viral obsessions and short-sighted environmental policies –, Space Perspective aims to be the first and potentially only carbon neutral, zero-emission way to space for the foreseeable future.

Commercial flights to 100,000 feet (20mi/30km) are targeted to begin in late 2024, with 600 tickets sold to date. With the first year of seats completely reserved, Space Perspective is currently taking reservations for 2025 and beyond. Tickets are priced at $125,000 per person, and bookings are made with a fully refundable deposit beginning at $1,000.

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