The internet is a key battleground for truth about the Ukraine war

The threats of cyberwarfare and online disinformation loom over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but even in this online age, war is still life or death for those in the firing line


| Leader

16 March 2022

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

THE ever-growing threats of cyberwarfare and online disinformation are now in the spotlight amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With the NATO military alliance reluctant to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, or engage in any other actions that could ignite a much wider conflict, the internet has inevitably become a key battleground.

But that isn’t to say there haven’t been surprises. On page 8, one expert expresses shock at the volume of online fake news about the war. Clearly, the invasion isn’t the first war associated with this issue – researchers and think tanks have also monitored online propaganda in other recent conflicts, including in Syria and Libya – but it is …

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