The number of SHIB tokens is rapidly decreasing which is great news – Nach Welt

He is more than 313 million Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens riveted in the afgelopen two days.

The SHIB rate rises fulfills 40 percent

Shibburn, the website that keeps track of how many SHIB tokens are burned (destroyed), today released how many tokens have been destroyed in the past week. According to data from the site, there are 313,244,633 SHIB Tokens, which were burned in 77 different Transactions. All on Sunday, more than 55 million tokens were destroyed in eight different transactions.

Die fortgesetzte Vernietung von SHIB-Tokens ist für die Preise und that is clearly visible. While the supply of Shiba Inu gradually decreases, the Shia Inu price skyrockets. Der Moment des Schreibens is 1 SHIB-Token $0.00003353 wast. That ist 40 Prozent höher as a day ago.

SHIB 1 hour pro Kerzengrafik – Source: Tradingview

After the Weekly Burn, there are 410,302,093,313,848 SHIB-Tokens (41.03%) Vernietet von Anfang an für 1 Biljard-Tokens.

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The supply of SHIB tokens is rapidly decreasing

So quite a lot of tokens were already destroyed, but that could become a lot more. Steven Cooper, eigenverantwortlich von Bigger Entertainment, hat am 14. Februar 2022 (Valentinstag) planted one big „Burn Party“.

Steven Cooper expects that these Gebühren will be huge and has the dream of burning more than a billion Shib-Tokens in just a single transaction. If dieses Droom für die Eigenart von Bigger Entertainment is geeignet, it became like a great bullish bezeichnet.

In collaboration with Shiba Community, Bigger Entertainment has 239 Millionen SHIB-Tokens können auf ihrer letzten Burn-Party. Steven Cooper wants to break those previous records during this upcoming Burn-Festival to make it the biggest Burn-Festival ever.

Steven Cooper Shib’s Burn campaign has a total of al mehr in 1 Billion SHIB destroyed† To be precise, 1,102,375,566 SHIB-Token have been decommissioned by this individual company alone. Still, the owner believes they are still in their infancy.

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