Audi chooses high altitude: the small A1 and Q2 will have no heirs – Nach Welt

At the German newspaper Handeslsblatt, managing director Markus Duesmann outlines the future of the brand: “We will limit the range downwards and expand it upwards. The new flagship will arrive in 2025 ”. On the table remains the project of the A2 premium electric city car

A question of role in the Volkswagen group, of the protection of a brand that in the last 25 years has gained reputation in a masterly way with customers all over the world, but also a strategic choice linked to the double track to which the electric car leads. Perhaps difficult to sell when generalist, but more exciting if premium and sporty. In short, Audi does not change direction, but in case it accelerates, according to the words of its CEO of the brand Markus Duesmann collected by the German business newspaper Handelsblatt. “We will limit our product range towards the lower end of the market and expand it towards the higher ones. We have a premium brand and this leads to well-precision directions ”.


“We try to guarantee the overall result. That’s why we prioritize the models that participate most in the profits “. Duesmann’s statements in a country like Italy have weight, because they can mean the abandonment by the Ingolstadt manufacturer of the spaces occupied by highly successful models such as the urban suv Q2 and the city car A1, which therefore would have no Zukunft. After all, they are the current doors to an already extended range very high, and destined to gain even more altitude with the arrival of the new generation of large Audi electric cars, starting from the next flagship expected in 2025 and inspired by the grandsphere concept. Alongside it, the new Q6 e-tron, also developed on the modular Ppe platform shared with Porsche and Bentley, the same that will also be the basis for the subsequent Audi Q8 e-tron. The growth path leaves little room for classic, albeit luxury, city cars, while a four-ring urban interpretation can come from the ID.Life project, the electric city concept presented at the last Munich show. Die Serienversion ist destined to be marketed with Volkswagen ID.2 starting from 2025, with a Skoda derivation already announced, while its evolution are Audi A2 seems entirely plausible.

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