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KOMPAS.com – hai the ancients who once lived on this earth, Megalodon often described as hai huge body resembling the modern great white shark. So, What does Megalodon look like??

However, a new study shows these depictions are just speculation. Scientifically, according to researchers Megalodon itself is still a mystery.

quote IFL Science, Monday (07/02/2022) Previous research has attempted to estimate the true size of Megalodon by collecting data from other sharks such as mako, salmon sharks, porbeagle sharks and great white sharks.

The researchers then compared it to megalodon remains, such as the size of its teeth.

They then estimated the megalodon’s body size to be 16 meters long with fins the size of an adult human.

However, is this estimate of the megalodon shark’s body size accurate?

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Researchers from the University of California at Riverside led by Philip Sternes finally looked at the size What does Megalodon look like?.

Based on the study, researchers found ancient shark Megalodon does not belong to the Lamnidae (Lamnid) family and is warm-blooded like the great white shark.

Based on these conclusions, the researchers also performed an analysis of two-dimensional geometric shapes to find out Megalodon body form.

The results show that it is not possible to reconstruct the megalodon body shape with the two-dimensional approach.

So does the previously recorded megalodon body shape, which researchers say should be considered speculation from a scientific perspective.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the Megalodon resembled a modern species. But new studies (the megalodon’s appearance and shape) show that it cannot be scientifically proven based on the current fossil record,” said Kenshu Shimada, professor of paleobiology at DePaul University, Chicago.

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Mary Parrish, Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History Illustration of megalodon, ancient shark, basking shark, ancient sea animal.

The researcher also revealed that if you need materials, fossil megalodon in addition to the teeth and bones of ancient sharks to re-identify the appearance of megalodon.

“Even if you could find a small part of the skeleton like a skull or fins, it would give more clues to the megalodon’s true body shape,” Shimada said.

The question is, why haven’t many bone remains or megalodon fossils been found?

Like all sharks, the megalodon skeleton was made up of poorly mineralized cartilage, so it would not survive the fossilization process.

So finding the megalodon skeleton is a little tricky, although that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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So far, most megalodon fossils are known from these ancient shark teeth, which can be well mineralized.

Also, the fact that we still don’t know exactly what Megalodon looked like fires the imagination.

“That’s why paleontology is such an interesting academic field. We will continue to look for additional clues in the fossil record,” Shimada added. Scientific News.

Study results showing what megalodons looked like were published in the journal Historical Biology.

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