The teenager tracking the private plane of Elon Musk rejected the offer for a temporary free Tesla ᐉ news from – Technology – Nach Welt

We have already informed you that a 19-year-old teenager who became famous with his Twitter account received a suggestion from Musk to stop the tracker. . Despite the tempting offer, the young man rejected the offer.

Jack Sweeney said earlier that he would take a free Tesla from Musk in exchange for deleting the account after rejecting a $ 5,000 offer from the company’s chief executive.

On Friday, Scott Painter, CEO of Autonomie, a car rental company, offered Sweeney a subscription to the Tesla Model 3 if he deleted Musk’s aircraft tracking account. The Wall Street Journal reported that the offer was for a three-year subscription.

However, Sweeney replied: “I told you I’m not interested in a subscription.”

In an interview with The Journal on Friday, Sweeney explained why he made his decision. “I want my own car. I do not want to return it in three years, “he said. “If I was offered one, I would stop the tracker.”

It will be recalled that his aircraft tracking account uses bots that monitor publicly available airborne data.

After rejecting $ 5,000 from Musk to delete the account, Sweeney told Insider that he turned down the offer because it was not enough to replace the satisfaction he gets from managing the account.

In his initial conversation with Musk, which took place via live Twitter messages in the fall of 2021 and was first announced by Protokoll.

In him Musk says“Can you download this?” That’s a security risk. “

Sweeney answers: “So, I can, but it will cost you Tesla Model3”

Musk“How about $ 5,000 for this account so we don’t make it easy for crazy people to follow me?”

Sweeney: “Feasible, but is there a chance to increase this to $ 50,000?” Das ist ein his college and told the billionaire that the money could also go to buy a Tesla Model 3.



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