I won eternal fame, the police really came after me – Archyde

Speaking on Fantasantemo’s live Instagram, Emma went mad with joy: “Next year instead of skullcap they’ll have to say Emma Marrone! I had a great time, you turned me around Sanremo”.

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Emma Marrone was the artist who scored the most points Fantastic rowing 2022. The singer, who competes with the song “Every time is like this”, earned first place in the ranking of the game that dominated this edition of the festival. On his side, police chase on the night of Thursday 3rd to Friday 4th February it was worth 50 points. Following, Highsnob ehu they took second place e Tananai the third.

Emma’s reaction to Fantasanremo’s victory

Tune in during the Fantasantemo Live Instagram, Emma went mad with joy and thanked the organizers for the opportunity: “Next year, instead of skullcap, they’ll have to say Emma Marrone! I had a great time, you turned me into Sanremo. I believed in this thing too much. I have won eternal fame.” About the night she was followed police patrol, clarified: “It wasn’t the escort. I was the only one near Sanremo and they seriously pursued us. Then they saw it was me and they let us go.”

Tananai last third at the festival in Fantasanremo

Tananai, the lead singer of Occasional Sex, is also linked to Fantasanremo, which has been targeted by critics for being perceived as upset by the public on social media during his on-stage performances. He captured it with much irony and in hindsight He joked with his fans about the chart which was the last to leave him at the end of the music festival. It goes better with the Fantasanremo, which surprisingly earned him third place.


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