Controversial ‘DM’ move on Twitter: ‘It may pave the way for lynching culture’ – Archyde

Twitter, one of the world’s largest social media platforms, often tries out new features to improve its users’ experience. According to many people, the last feature of Twitter, which is one of the most active communication platforms, this time caused reactions.


After the news from ShiftDelete; Twitter, which started work on a new feature that claims to increase communication speeds, said it is trying the feature on iOS devices first. Accordingly, a DM icon appears under the tweets. The platform was the target of many reactions after her tweet for the statement.

The company made the following statements in its announcement:

“If you want to reply directly to the author of a tweet, we make it easy for you to DM them from your timeline to start a conversation. We are now testing a DM icon in tweets on some iOS devices.”


There was a lot of reaction to the feature. According to some users, the feature paves the way for lynching culture even more. After a tweet that may evoke a reaction, the user may be subjected to a rain of insults in the DM box. On the subject, NYC Defense Attorney Eliza Orlins expressed her reaction with the following phrases:

“Please, do not do that! The extra step of having to go to a person’s profile to a DM to send, reduces harassment. The main purpose of sending DMs with this function will never be to start a conversation. At least it is so that we do not allow a security thing this in our tweets.

Twitter did not provide any further information on the reactions. It is still unclear whether this feature, which is still to be tested on iOS, will come at all. However, according to many opinions, Twitter may disable this feature due to violations of user security and privacy.

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