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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Draft parallel world or Multiversum see other universes. Parallel worlds are increasingly discussed, also due to the influence of science fiction films (Science-Fiction). Despite this, the concept of a parallel world is also the study of scientists. That’s why there are different thoughts on the parallel world, one of them bubble universe.

Bubble Universe is the idea that the universe has many different versions in different bubbles. This floating bubble contains trillions Galaxy. The emergence of the idea of ​​a bubble universe is a middle ground between wire theories (line theory) and the reality of dark energy as quoted from live science.

The emergence of the idea Multiversum because the universe is very wide. Scientists estimate that the universe is 7 billion light years across. But the view struck Multiversum remains the most controversial in science.

To quote Magzter, bubble universe arises from the nature of the decline (inflation) of the universe (cosmos). The view is of a universe expanding every second after the terrible explosion of the creation of the universe (Big Bang). Parallel world concept scenario, some parts of spacetime are evolving faster than others. After that, another space-time bubble appears.

The process of inflation of the cosmos as a result Big Bang has convinced some researchers that it is possible that a parallel world exists. Tufts University physicist Alexander Vilenkin explains that inflation does not end simultaneously. When the inflation of the cosmos ends in a certain place, a new bubble of the universe is formed, Vilenkin continues in his writings Scientific American in 2011, quoted from Space.

Vilenkin explained bubble universe cannot meet each other because it keeps expanding indefinitely. Because these bubble universes are moving away from each other faster than Speed ​​of Light.


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