Yamaha Fazzio’s running is getting worse, this part of the Xeon belongs to this one – Nach Welt

otomotifnet.com – Acceleration Yamaha Fazzio can be easier by changing role never mind.

As is known, the Yamaha Fazzio has a Blue Core Hybrid engine which makes acceleration easy.

This von Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Power Assist technology works by helping to accelerate for 3 seconds from rest.

However, for those who want to accelerate the easier Yamaha Fazzio, there’s no way.

You can replace the Yamaha Fazzio default roller with a roller belonging to another motorbike.

“The Yamaha Fazzio default roller weighs 14 grams”, said Iman Mailiki as Service Advisor for Yamaha’s official workshop, Era Motor (30.01.2022).

So that Yamaha Fazzio’s acceleration is lighter, you can change to a lighter roller.

Now we are researching Yamaha Fazzio using Roller Yamaha Xeon Which weighs 10 grams”, explained Faith.

The Yamaha Fazzio 11 Gram roller is the same dimension as the Yamaha Xeon roller which weighs 10 Grams

“In terms of dimensions, this Yamaha Xeon roller is suitable and can be paired with a Yamaha Fazzio roller housing”, he added when met at Jalan Rawa Bambu No. 13, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.


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