Trujillo: Five children hospitalized in intensive care unit for COVID-19 infections alert city – Archyde

children in intensive care

The region of freedom raised the alarms by reporting that 5 of the 12 pediatric beds were being installed intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospitals in the city of Trujillo are occupied by patients with a case of COVID-19.

It is worth noting that these beds are distributed by the various hospitals in the northern city, as well as the Regional Teaching and Belén de Trujillo hospitals, as well as the Virgen de la Puerta de EsSalud and the San Pablo Private Hospital.

Faced with this situation, Liberta Governor Manuel Llempen urged parents not to slack off take their children to be vaccinated and thus protect them, particularly due to the dominance of the Omicron variant In our country.

In this sense, the regional authority explained that out of a total of 25 beds, 14 are minors in the hospital. He also revealed that so far this year 584 minors have been infected, compared to 1,109 last year second hello.

“They’re the ones getting more and more infected with it Omicron variant in the third wave it is not the adults who take to the streets, but the adults. That’s why it’s important to get them vaccinated. The vaccine is the only thing that can keep them from becoming infected. That is fully proven.” Manuel Llempen said for the media.

In this sense, the doctor reassured that vaccines are highly effective and that it is important for parents to be aware return to class protected and safe.

“Children with other conditions such as obesity, diabetes and asthmaYou could be at a higher risk of getting sick. limited


According to the protocol, minors who have not shown any symptoms compatible with COVID-19 in the past two weeks can be vaccinated. Likewise, girls and boys who have had no contact with a person who has tested positive for the corona virus in the last two weeks.

It should be noted that minors who were infected but did not require oxygen or hospitalization can receive the vaccine 14 days after discharge, while those who required the above assistance can do so 90 days after discharge.

“We will apply this protocol throughout the national area in coordination with the Ministry of Education (…) we only have to establish the day and places of vaccination,” he said. specified the director of immunizations of the Minsa, Gabriela Jiménez.

Minors can also get the flu vaccine on the same day as their first dose. 11-year-old girls can also get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. For other vaccines, it should be done 15 days apart.

After the vaccine is administered, minors may experience irritability and pain at the injection site, which disappears in the following days. However, this does not call into question the effectiveness of the vaccines, which in the case of Pfizer have shown 90.7% effectiveness in the population where they will soon be used.

Before vaccination, the boy or girl must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or relative over the age of 18, who must present the duly signed “Consent Form” document. A doctor will also check the health of the minor. And before administering the vaccine, health workers must explain the vaccination technique and the type of vaccine to be administered.


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