Rice and potatoes are getting more expensive, chicken and cheese prices are going up… – Archyde

The Market Price Index (ITC), which tracks wholesale food prices, rose 2.56 percent to 1,886 points this week, according to data from the state Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets (SCBS).

A year ago, in the first days of February, the ITC was around 1,540 points, or more than 21 percent below. The base level of the index of 1,000 points dates back to 2005.

The price of greenhouse tomatoes this week rose 3.2 percent to BGN 2.61 per kilogram, and greenhouse cucumbers rose 14.6 percent to BGN 4.15 per kilogram at the end of the week. Potatoes add 2.4 percent and are sold at BGN 0.84 per kilogram. Carrots rose 2.2 percent and traded at BGN 0.94 per kilogram. The price of cabbage increased by 2.9 percent to BGN 1.05 / kg at the end of the week. The price of red peppers rose by 4.3 percent to BGN 2.43 per kilogram.

Apples are up 3.1 percent this week and are selling for BGN 1.34 per kg. Lemons are 2.7 percent cheaper on the exchanges and are sold for BGN 1.80 per kilogram. Bananas are bought wholesale at BGN 2,231 per kilogram. Oranges are 1.2 percent cheaper and are traded at BGN 1.61 per kilogram. Tangerines are cheaper by 2 percent to 2 leva per kilogram.

Cow cheese is 0.1 percent cheaper and trades at BGN 8.50/kg; Vitosha yellow cheese increased by 0.7 percent and was bought at BGN 13.37 per kg. Oil became 0.9 percent cheaper and traded at an average of BGN 3.47 per liter. A pack of 125 grams of butter is sold for BGN 2.32 at the end of the week. Chicken meat is 0.7 percent cheaper and is traded at an average of BGN 4.40 per kilogram. Sugar is 1.8 percent cheaper and costs BGN 1.60 / kg. Flour type “500” is traded unchanged at 1.19 BGN / kg. The price of rice rose 1.8 percent to BGN 2.29 per kilogram. Eggs increase by 1 stotinka to 0.22 BGN per piece.

On the Sofia Commodity Exchange, grain prices remained unchanged in early February. Bread wheat is already in demand at the lower price of BGN 490/ton, but sellers want between BGN 500 and 505/ton. Feed barley is offered at BGN 490-495 / ton, and corn is in demand from sellers at a starting price of BGN 460 / ton against BGN 480 / ton. The “purchase” price of oilseed sunflowers from the locality is BGN 1,100/ton, the “sell” price remains BGN 1,150/ton. All prices do not include VAT.


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