OJ Simpson’s former attorney slams Brian Flores for suing NFL, Dolphins, Giants, Broncos

Brian Flores sue them NFL, that Miami-Delfine, that New York Giants, and the Denver Broncos because of discrimination in the hiring process, however Carl E. Douglas – a civil rights attorney best known for his representation ABl. Simpson at his 1995 murder trial – believes it was a mistake for various reasons.

“I love Brian Flores and I wish his ass had called me first,” Douglas said during a performance on Friday The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “I’m really surprised and disappointed on different levels.”

Douglas said Flores’ first mistake was filing the lawsuit on day one Black History Month, which he considers a blatant publicity stunt. According to Douglas, Flores’ second mistake was hiring two white attorneys instead of black attorneys to represent him.

“In the world of public litigation, you only get a few shots,” Douglas said. “I love this articulate strong black man who stands for justice but the look of him and his two Anglo-Saxon lawyers don’t speak to me. How much more powerful would the words be if there was a black face to help sound the alarm?”

The Rooney Rule doesn’t work in the NFL

“Everyone knows them Rooney Rule it does not work. But what you gonna do, man? How are you going to tell rich billionaires who to hire in a private business setting? Part of me worries that his attorneys just did their best to get all the media wind while the iron was hot, knowing things weren’t looking strong for Brian Flores when it came down to it.

Douglas lamented that the lawsuit will likely end Flores’ NFL coaching career, especially since he has two options left on the line Saints of New Orleans and the Houston Texans. He went on to explain how he would have dealt with Flores’ lawsuit.

“You spent your life on this game, so take a deep breath. You are that intentionally trying to invade the white man’s room, so don’t trip over it,” Douglas said. “If you want to join the club, accept it. Put on a suit, put on a tie. Be on time. That’s the nature of the club and then, Once inside you can change [things].”

“Non-lawyers always think that large institutions will bow down just by exposing their misdeeds. Damned, we elected a damn president who talked about “p—- grabbing” and that didn’t bother us. I’m very hesitant and cautious when playing the race card.”

Ultimately, Douglas believes the lawsuit will do nothing to change the league’s stance, which denied any racism or wrongdoing by the organizations, and instead will only make teams suspicious of Flores. He also mentioned how Jon Gruden has sent discriminatory messages for years without consequences.

“Believe it or not, I spend more time discouraging people from suing than I do trying to convince them to sue,” Douglas said. “I know those old white men with their country club mentality say all sorts of things that would sue them. Just ask Jon Gruden and the Audacity He had to text and email all the despicable comments for months, if not years.”

“So the decision, put simply Stefan Ross Regrettably, I’m afraid that if I know it was wrong, it will cause other owners not only to pause but also to be very cautious [of Flores] in the future.”


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