iPhone SE 3: Apple has set a release date to launch a new ‘low-cost’ phone – Archyde

Apple may have already set a date for the launch of its new one iPhone SE3 and an updated iPad. According to sources with knowledge on the topic Bloomberg, the announcements will take place on or around March 8th.

If the event does take place, it will be the Cupertino giants’ first in 2022. The last was in October 2021 to showcase the latest MacBook Pro.

The low-end iPhone means the first update since April 2020, when the second-gen iPhone SE was made official. This time, rumors show the arrival of more features, such as the 5G network, an improved camera and the presence of the A15 Bionic chipset – also present in the iPhone 13 range.

Regarding the design of the future smartphone, we shouldn’t make any changes. It aims to come out with a more classic look to keep a low score compared to flagship iPhones.

According to the sources, along with the iPhone SE 3 and the new iPad, Apple plans to unveil an updated version of the Mac with chips developed by “Apple” itself and release iOS 15.4 in the first half of March. The software update brings Face ID improvements for masked users, new emojis, and Universal Control.

It is worth noting that recent information shows this no support for induction charging, powered by MagSafe, on the iPhone SE 3.

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