Horoscope 2022 – what surprises await all zodiac signs from February 7 to 13 – Archyde

The first half of the week arouses curiosity and the desire for new information. There are opportunities for communication, for developing one’s own strengths and for working on one’s own projects.

In the second half of the week, activity in the personal area can be expected. New interesting acquaintances, love and the establishment of new relationships are possible.


It will be a week with unforgettable impressions and acquaintances. Your strong desire for heartfelt communication and the opportunity to share your own news will be rewarded. Not the fact that it will be live communication, maybe on social networks.

Make a plan of action, formulate your priorities and dreams. Make your best wish on Tuesday. In the second half of the week you can change your appearance – this will draw attention to you.


Set clear goals this week and start achieving them. Do not be distracted by trivialities and trifles. All innovations will affect the professional sector.

You will be supported by the closest and dearest people. The second half of the week will be smooth and quiet. Don’t try to prove anything to anyone, spend time reflecting on yourself and your aspirations.


You will feel like learning something new. A great time is expected to learn and achieve your own goals. It is possible to change values.

Perhaps a teacher will appear in your life to guide you on the right path. In the second half of the week, pay more attention to your friends and loved one.


You suddenly want extreme sports and adventure. And the fact that you become more charming and attractive will play into your hands. You will be ready to face more daring things.

Stay alert and don’t forget the brakes. If you really want to take a risk, do not forget about caution and personal safety. This applies not only to the personal sphere, but also to the finances. Romantic surprises are possible on the weekends.


This week will be important for Family Lions. It will be possible to build the most trusting dialogue between the partners. You will be able to deal with all points of conflict calmly and with understanding. This will help you get closer and you will learn to respect each other.

The best days to talk are Monday and Tuesday. And the second half of the week is good for excursions. And this period will bring new experiences, romantic acquaintances and relationships.


Take care of your own health. Follow the rules of personal hygiene and listen to your body’s signals. If you feel unwell, contact your doctor immediately. Cleaning at home and at work helps improve your mood and well-being.

Clean up the mess, put everything in its place. Bright impressions are expected in the second half of the week, and a new romance can begin for singles.


They are visited by creative inspiration and love for art. This week is favorable for your hobby. It might even be possible to monetize it. Writing pictures, composing music or poems – that helps to be successful.

In your personal life everything will be calm. Visit a cultural event with your partner. And at the weekend to visit or to a wedding.


You should devote the first half of the week to your family and friends. You need important tools today – dialogue and mutual understanding.

In the second half of the week it will be possible to deal with various domestic issues. You can start with a general cleaning or repair without hesitation.


The week is all about increased communication. You will be interested in all the events, all the news and even gossip about relatives and friends.

The high intelligence of Sagittarius finds a worthy application and reward these days. And in the second half of the week, your loved one will give you an unforgettable experience and an interesting gift.


You will not have rest and entertainment this week. You have to work very hard, and then again – very hard work. But there is a good point – the funds received for work can be safely invested in equipment, plan a budget and take them into account when analyzing expenses and income.

And in the second half of the week, a pleasant event in the family is expected.


Finally, think about your own interests and needs. Helping others is good, but doing it constantly and to your detriment is bad. Spend more time on your own health and start creating a new image.

Work on yourself, eat well and get enough sleep, exercise. And in the second half of the week, an exciting journey and a promising acquaintance with an interesting and influential person are ahead.


The first half of the week will be busy with daily activities and reflections. You want to understand yourself, your feelings and emotions, correct or correct something in your behavior. Read books about psychology.

If at this time you are strongly drawn to sleep, do not deny yourself the opportunity to rest, relax and gain strength. Unplanned expenses are also likely.


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