Suitable for simple mods, here are the official accessories for alle neuen Honda Vario 160 starting from IDR 50 thousand – Nach Welt – Suitable for simple mods, here accessories Official Alle Neuen Honda Vario 160 Starting from IDR 50 thousand.

Alles neu new automatic scooter (Skutik) Honda-Vario 160 officially launched PT. AHM On Wednesday (2.2.2022).

In addition to the motorcycle unit, official accessories and apparel were also introduced along with the launch of the Alles neu Honda-Vario 160 of these.

Certainly, with Official accessories This will make the Alle Neuen Honda Vario 160 look different.

This official accessory is suitable for slight modifications when intending to buy the motorbike.

Especially for those who like official accessories from the manufacturer, you can try out some of the choices.

Starting from the front, there is a Visier und Garnis Scheinwerfer which makes the Bereich Front Fascia even more elegant.

Then for the seat there is also a Seat Cover accessory that makes the curve of the seat look more sporty.

Kolase / Dok. AHM

Selection of Official Accessories Alle neuen Honda Vario 160.

Continuing to the middle, there is also a Step Floor Panel, aka the foot deck cover, which looks bling-bling with a layer of aluminum and accents the words ‘Vario’ in the middle.

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