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When religious values ​​are instilled in family and household life, Insya Allah (God’s will), there will be no domestic violence.

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Religious Affairs has called on all sections of the public in Indonesia to value and praise the role of women in the family and community.

“When religious values ​​are instilled in family and household life, so Gott will (God’s will) there will be no domestic violence. Instead, there will be many exemplary households in our communities and nations,” noted secretary-general of the ministry’s directorate of Islamic public leadership, M. Fuad Nasar, in a statement received here on Friday.

He made the statement after a speech about domestic violence that recently went viral.

Nasar emphasized that according to Islamic values, a husband must treat his wife well, or Muasyarah bil ma’ruf, and he must not hurt her.

The key to a family’s happiness and prosperity is respect, trust, honesty, forgiveness and responsibility for one another, he stressed.

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Islam truly protects women in normative and ideal practices from domestic violence and all forms of arbitrariness contrary to its values, the sacred purposes of marriage and human rights, Nasar explained.

“Islam as a religion cannot be blamed if there are Muslims who do not behave in accordance with its noble teachings. This is where religious education and educational da’wah play an important role,” he stressed.

If there is domestic violence psychologically fueled by uncontrolled emotional outbursts, it can be caused by psychiatric problems, drinking habits or drug use, he added.

“Domestic violence, for whatever reason, is a disgrace, harms related spouses, and further impairs the character development of the children in the family (environment),” he noted.

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