Greenpeace is very concerned about the safety of forest occupiers – Nach Welt

Palmen finds the mayor’s position unacceptable. “Those people need extra ropes and rain gear to protect themselves,” he said. “When tractors drive on the highway in this country, the police allow anything. If some people climb a tree, they don’t even get a protective tarp against the rain.”

This morning a group of activities tried to climb over the fences that surround the forest. That led to 15 arrests. Some of them managed to get through to the forest and climb the trees. At the moment there are still nine people in the forest.

Preventing tree felling

The forest has been occupied since last Wednesday Friday. Car manufacturer VDL Nedcar, the owner of the forest, wants to cut down the trees in order to build a new production hall.

VDL has placed cameras and high fences around the forest to prevent people from walking in and out. Security also stops anyone who walks through the forest or wants to enter.

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