This is the price of the new 150-160cc Matic motorcycle after the official launch of the All New Honda Vario 160 – Archyde

MOTOR – Makes me curious, turns out this is the price motor matik new 150-160 cc after All New Honda Vario 160 officially started.

The virtual universe is excited from the start motor matik New Honda Vario 160Wednesday (02/02/2022).

After rumors about its launch, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) finally launched the All New Honda Vario 160.

Motor matic The new bike aims to be the dream bike for premium scooter enthusiasts looking for a high-performance bike with a larger, more refined and prouder design.

This was conveyed by the President Director of PT. Astra Honda Motor (AHM), Keiichi Yasuda.

“Various embedding of advanced features and technology, equipped with the latest 160cc engine with 4-valve ESP+ and premium sporty design in All New Honda Vario 160We believe it will offer a more comfortable driving experience in everyday life,” said Yasuda, quoted from the official statement by AHM.

Meanwhile, Executive Vice President Director of AHM Johannes Loman said that in addition to showcasing capable product performance, All New Lovers Honda Vario 160 also spoiled with pride in their products and services as recognition for the very good acceptance of this sporty premium scooter in the community.


Handling Honda Vario 160 remains agile to manoeuvre

“We continue to offer the best service through a nationwide sales and service network,” said Loman.

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