Prudential: We Don’t Accept OJK Instructions to Stop Marketing Insurance Unit Link All – Nach Welt -PT Regulatory Lebensversicherung opens his voice regarding the statement regarding the plan to ban banks from selling products Link to Asuransi unit From a Troubled Insurance Company Submitted by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Prudential Indonesia’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Luskito Hambali denied the news of a ban on marketing or selling unit-linked insurance products through bank distribution channels.

“We have not received official instructions from OJK to stop marketing unit-linked products either through direct distribution, agencies, or through other work partners including through partner banks,” he said, in a statement, Thursday (3/2/2022).

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Luskito explained, Prudential continues to coordinate with various interested parties in the life insurance industry including OJK and AAJI to maintain the stability of the insurance industry and the Indonesian economy.

“We continue to look for a solution in full consultation with the OJK and in accordance with applicable laws,” he said.

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In terms of handling and resolving customer complaints, Luskito added, Prudential Indonesia is committed to handling and resolving each complaint on a case-by-case basis in accordance with applicable procedures and regulations, including conducting mediation and opening a discussion room to reach an agreement.

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“If efforts to resolve customer complaints through the Internet Streitbeilegung do not reach an agreement, then customers can submit their complaints through the Financial Services Sector Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution (LAPS SJK), as the official dispute resolution agency supervised by OturnyK,”

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Previously, OJK Deputy Commissioner for Public Relations and Logistics, Anto Prabowo, said the authorities had taken firm steps regarding unit-linked insurance products which were considered to have harmed a number of consumers.

Given these problems, OJK will prohibit banks from selling unit-linked products from troubled insurance companies.

“The OJK has made improvements to regulations regarding unit links, including taking firm action against financial service business actors who violate and prohibiting banks from selling unit links from insurance companies that have yet to resolve disputes with their customers,” he said.

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