IndiGo offers a special discount to vaccinated people. Check prices and details –

New Delhi: As the number of people vaccinated in the country increases, low-cost airline Indigo has come up with a discount offer to boost air travel. The airline has announced an additional discount for vaccinated passengers.

IndiGo is offering a 10 per cent discount off the base price for those who have received the first or both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in its new discount offer dubbed Vaxi Fare.

The offer first came out in August last year. It is currently available for all domestic flights in India. Vaccinated passengers can claim the travel date discount 15 days prior to the booking date.

Requirements to receive the offer:

To receive the 10 percent discount, flyers must present valid proof of Covid vaccination.

Proof of Covid vaccination can also be presented through Aarogya Setu mobile application.

Any Indian citizen over the age of 18 can book tickets with the “Vaxi Fare” discount.

If for any reason the flyer is unable to show proof of vaccination, they will be required to pay the full ticket price.

How to benefit from the discount offer:

Visit IndiGo’s website and fill out all travel-related information

Select the “Vaxi Tariff” option.

Select a flight of your choice.

Choose one-way tickets or a round-trip option.

Fill in the beneficiary card correctly (a valid beneficiary card is required for the vaccination price)

The discount will be applied to the ticket and the booking will be completed

Similar to this discount offer, another airline, Go Air, had introduced a 20 per cent discount for passengers who are double vaccinated against Covid. The booking period was valid until January 31st, while the travel period for the same is until March 31st.

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