GPS trial should end multiple check-in and check-out in public transport – Nach Welt

In public transport, a trial will start in ten days to make checking in and out easier. One hundred travelers will then use GPS on their mobile phones. The trial is aimed at people who use multiple carriers on their journey.

The subjects only need to install an app and share their location. Checking in and out with different carriers is then no longer necessary.

Travelers can go through the gates with a QR code. At the end of the journey, the price is calculated and the individual carriers receive the amount to which they are entitled.

“If people with GPS forget to check out, the system will eventually do it automatically,” says Gerbrant Corbee von OV-pay, who is involved in the trial.

Less chance of fine

On routes with different carriers, you still have to check in and out per carrier. This is often difficult, especially for people who rarely travel by train or bus. If you don’t do it the right way, you can be fined.

Fifty Arriva season ticket holders and fifty from the NS are taking part in the trial. They have recently been able to register with OV-pay.

“Later this year we will see whether traveling with GPS works well. Only when that all goes well will we roll it out more broadly,” says Corbee.

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