Alternative music / Day will be played in Kokari Hall of Mežaparks Grand Stage – Archyde

Four concerts will be held in the renovated Kokari Hall of the Mežaparks Grand Stage, giving the audience the opportunity to walk their paths, see their favorite bands again or get acquainted with new musical associations. cycle travel companion The main message is that there are different avenues in culture that trekkers can take with alternative music groups. Each of them is unique – each club participating in the cycle has its own story to tell, its own way.

The first concert winter road will take place on February 18 at 19. We will embark on a musical journey together Sunday Legion one tribes of the city. The style and mood of the bands is similar, but each club has its own signature that has been honed over many years. The concert performance is complemented by video art created especially for this event.

Bandage Sunday Legion consists of musicians from several ensembles well-known in the Latvian independent music landscape (Soundarkade, SILS, Tesa, Band versus music) – Ģirts Strumpmanis (Gesang, Gitarre), Lauris Ābele (Gitarre), Raitis Ābele (Gitarre, Mandoline), Ivars Kalvis (Bass), Jānis Burmeisters (Schlagzeug) and Madara Fogelmane (Cello, Gesang). Sunday Legion the sound originally combined psychedelia, Postgrunge, elements of folk and chamber music. The group’s work includes both three-minute instrumental lyrical poems and longer than ten-minute “symphonies” with guitar solos and string arrangements. The band has released two albums Acid rain will eat away at our culture one Good night in the middle of the sea music production companies Naba-Musik/Melo Records under the wing.

you can hear music here.

In return tribes of the city is an atmospheric Shugee group that has released four studio recordings since 2003. The band’s latest album rust and gold In 2019 he won the Austrian Prize and was nominated for the renowned European Independent Music Prize IMPALA. Over the years, the band’s concert screen has become even deeper and more expressive, the lyrics more direct and the videos more experimental.

Tribes of the City - Rust and Gold [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

Lied take me to this beach is the first single from the upcoming fifth album and a homage to the beach of Sārnate on the coast of Courland.

Im Together tribes of the city The piece consists of Sergejs Jaramišjans (guitar), Ksenija Sundejeva (vocals, guitar), Ints Barkāns (drums), Jānis Liepiņš (bass) and Ivars Pommers (guitar).

Entrance tickets can be purchased Ticket Paradise Network.

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