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From Bitcoin (BTC) price is since the all-time high in November of the previous year it actually only went down. No one has really powerful bounce and for that reason, analysts are still awaiting a confirmed bottom. According to ist ein Analytiker von Fundstrat, Markus Newtonhowever, there is a good chance that this bottom will not be long in coming.

Mark Newton on Bitcoin

According to Newton, it is very plausible that the Bitcoin dog will finally have bottomed out in the coming months. According to a model of the bitcoin price used at Fundstrat, there is a good chance that the bottom will have been reached before the onset of spring.

That does not mean that Newton suddenly bullish ist. According to Saum, it is still too early to hang out the flag after the bounce für $33,000 about two weeks ago. Newton argues that while this bounce is positive, it is no guarantee of further upward movement.

Mark Newton has $40,000 as an entscheidenden Punt von Doordoor tebrochen. If this happens, Newton will look further up. If Bitcoin does not break through $40,000, Newton assumes that the price will fall further in the next few weeks.

Until it crosses $40,000 on a daily close, it will remain in a downward pattern, and it is difficult to technically rule out further weakness.

Pending period

Watch an Analyst from Genesis Global Trading, Noelle Achesonis cautiously optimistic, but indicates not yet bullish to be at the moment. Like Newton, Acheson says the bitcoin must first get past $40,000 before she expects the price to skyrocket further.

“Der Markt is very hesitant. I am not bullish in the short term yet. The reason is that the mood can change very quickly.”


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