The head of the health commission: paramedics will be in the ambulances and the doctors in the hospitals – Archyde


The system needs a different look. We need to see what’s not enough in the smaller settlements, said Dr. Anton Tonev, Chairman of the Health Committee in Parliament, on Nova TV.

The situation of medical triage is very well described in the standards, he added. When gaps in the organization are identified, consequences must be drawn, said Dr. Tonev on the woman’s death in the emergency room at Vratsa Hospital. She died in front of her young son, who was left orphaned and being raised by his grandmother and aunt.

The regulation was created, it has been working since 2017, but in any small town it can be violated if there is no staff or unprepared people, he added.

“Phone 112 and the system itself are well organized across Europe. We are introducing a reform where the place of paramedics will be freed up in ambulances and the doctor in the hospital will lead the team, he will not speak to the patient but to the paramedic who is on site,” explained Dr. Tonev.

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