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According to official statistics Ministry of Health, more than 3 million Italians would have type 2 diabetes, so we are talking about 5% of the population, but this could increase due to the many suspected positive cases of the disease. In the sense that, according to experts, we could add another million Italians who, unless they constantly do the analyzes, would not know that they have it. Usually, this type of disease affects adults in the vast majority of cases. And in this majority especially the over 60-year-olds. But, as doctors remind us, we need to pay close attention to our lifestyle. Because once again: prevention and health care should be the effective recipe to prevent this disease. So simple yet effective, here are the 4 golden rules that, according to science, could prove to be excellent allies in creating a defensive barrier against type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is often discovered by accident

It may sound strange, but type 2 diabetes is often discovered by accident when analyzing other physical complications. Normally, blood glucose levels should be between 60 and 130 mg/dl in healthy subjects.

In case of detection of this type of diabetes, the glycemic value can exceed 130 mg and reach 200. Normally, since this type of measurement is reliable, it should be taken 2 hours after ingestion of glucose.

Simple but effective, here are the 4 golden rules we could try to avoid the arrival of the so dreaded type 2 diabetes

This disease would be defined by science as “silent”. The classic disorder that we don’t notice for years and that, as I said, we might even discover with irrelevant tests. However, experts always point the way to try to prevent this disease effectively enough. The Poker of Aces would consist of:

  • constant physical and sports activity;
  • a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and little fat;
  • maintain the ideal weight and try not to encounter overweight and obesity;
  • do not smoke.

The symptoms are also often silent

Not only would the actual disease die down, but so would its symptoms. In fact, it can happen that we don’t see anything special about our body for years. One important light to shine when you have diabetes is to pee fairly often. If we do not undergo annual analyzes, then in the advanced state there may be symptoms:

  • heart trouble;
  • changes in the nervous system;
  • kidney failure;
  • eye problems;
  • for boys, genital dysfunctions.

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