Less Poison!

We breathe and eat and drink, we take care of our body and our home. And with everything we do, we absorb substances that are harmful to our health. The palette ranges from antifungal agents in cleaning agents to heavy metals in textile dyes, from microplastics in cosmetics to hormone residues in drinking water. The result is the “internal littering of man”. This is how Susanne Donner quotes a toxicologist from the Federal Environment Agency.

The author is a science journalist who has won several awards and is also a specialist herself: she studied chemistry and environmental law and worked for the scientific service of the German Bundestag for a long time. So your collection of facts from the “foreign sphere” that is so harmful to us is well-founded.

But what follows from this, since we now have to eat, drink and breathe? One could be tempted to indulge in the “liver sausage principle” and not want to know exactly what is in what. But Donner gives tips on what everyone can do to reduce their daily intake of harmful substances through behavioral changes that are sometimes small but effective. For example, by reducing the caustic assortment in the cleaning cupboard to one or two general cleaners – and thinning out the colorful battery of cosmetics in the bathroom. That would be a good start.Jurgen Nakott

Susanne Donner
Rowohlt TB, 288 p., € 12.00
ISBN 978–3–499–00192–5


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