Hyundai offers a miniature practical car. They run on gasoline and do not cost a quarter of a million crowns – Nach Welt

Hyundai Casper Van has lost its rear seats, so it is two-seater. However, metal partitions have been added to the rear door and trunk windows to protect the glass from possible damage by cargo. The luggage compartment now has a capacity of 940 liters, which will be appreciated by small businesses or delivery services. But maybe it will also be used by private individuals.

It is a trend that for similar cars, manufacturers often reach for electric propulsion, as has happened with Dacie Spring. But this is not the case with the Casper model. There are two three-cylinder petrol units to choose from. The basis is an atmospheric engine with an output of 75 hp and 95 Nm, for more demanding users there is a unit with a power of 99 hp and 172 Nm. A four-stage automatic machine is used for shifting.

The price, which starts at 244 thousand crowns, is very interesting. For this money, the car is equipped with 15 “steel wheels, six airbags and electric mirrors. Daytime running lights, LED steering wheel or even cruise control are a matter of course. It is therefore a great pity that the Hyundai Casper is intended mainly for the South Korean market. Undoubtedly, he found a number of interested people in the Czech Republic.

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