Career of a British Man as

London, – A man in England makes a lot of money just standing in line.

He was even called “professional queue‘ on social media.

reported from Wio News, a man named Freddie Beckitt made a lot of money queuing for the rich who didn’t have time or didn’t want to queue.

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According to a report in a British tabloid The sun, Beckitt charges £20 an hour to queue up for someone else.

He said line work came naturally to him.

According to media reports, the 31-year-old could earn up to $160 “on a good day”.

However, he also said that he had to have “enough patience” when queuing.

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Beckitt, who is reportedly from Fulham, said demand for the job is waiting to watch films, shows and whatnot.

He also said his job involves queuing for tickets to popular shows, which he apparently enjoys.

Of course, he needed patience to make money by waiting in a barely moving line for hours.

“I worked eight hours in line at the Christian Dior exhibition for some very wealthy people in their mid-60s,” Freddie said.

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“The queue was actually only three hours but they asked me to get a ticket and wait for them to arrive so I had hours and was paid £20 an hour which was great!” he concluded.

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