TV Prima has announced the end of broadcasting all its stations on O2 TV – Nach Welt

Prima Television did not agree on new conditions for cooperation with the O2 operator. No later than March 1, 2022, he will cease to provide him with eight programs (Prima, CNN Prima News, Prima Cool, Prima Max, Prima Krimi, Prima Love, Prima Zoom and Prima Star). O2 TV users will not be able to tune in any of the primary programs as of this date.

“Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, we were unable to agree on new terms of cooperation with O2 Tschechische Republik. Given that O2 Czech Republic Nadale offers its clients Kanały tele Prima, Aniz von Mela concluded a valid contract, we have decided to end the distribution of our channels to this company no later than March 1, “said Marek Sänger, General prima group director, ein added: “users of the o2 tv service can watch their favorite shows, such as sunny, zoo, 1st mission or place !, watch through other operators, paid services or tune in to our programisch via dvb-t2.”

Prima also informed its viewers about the planned end of the cooperation via a text bar in Tuesday evening’s broadcast.

In its response, the operator indicated that the cause of the dispute was Prima’s requests to block certain O2 TV functions at its stations. “We are working the maximum so that our customers do not lose their favorite functions, such as the postponement of the show in time, which Prima representatives demand, the end, ”explains O2 on social networks.

When negotiating with operators on new contracts, Prima tries to prevent users from rewinding long ad units. “But if they want to have our channels, then it is a condition of cooperation with us. By rewinding advertising in IPTV, we lose approximately more than CZK 200 million a year, “said Prima’s commercial director Vladimír Pořízek. As an alternative, television offered advertising-free broadcasting to operators, but it would charge customers extra. We have covered the topic in detail in this article.

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