German and Russian Romanticism

Around 1800 the world was in upheaval. The libertarian ideas of the French Revolution of 1789 spread across Europe, but at the same time Napoleon swept the continent with war. After that, the conservative governments in Russia and the German states began to restrict civil rights.

In close cooperation with the Moscow State Tretyakov Gallery, the Albertinum is exhibiting German and Russian Romantic paintings together for the first time in the show “Dreams of Freedom” until February 6, 2022. The focus is on Caspar David Friedrich, Alexei Wenezianow, Carl Gustav Carus and Alexander Ivanov with their main works. They deal with topics such as the dark side of human existence, longing for Italy, religion and the freedom of art. Relevant documents and objects are presented for the more than 140 paintings. Works of contemporary art show the continuing influence of Romanticism, such as the question of a self-determined, free life or the possibility of security in a world full of war threats. Virtual tours are offered on the museum website. The extensive catalog was published by Hirmer Verlag, Munich.

More information about the exhibition in Dresden

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