COVID deaths up 9% worldwide – Archyde

The number of corona victims increased most in Southeast Asia (+41%) and in the eastern Mediterranean (+32%).

In the week from January 24th to 30th, 22,239,622 people worldwide were infected with the corona virus, 59,195 people died as a result of the infection. Such dates on Tuesday, February 1, made public World Health Organization (WHO).

As mentioned, the infection rate remained almost unchanged compared to the previous week, while the death rate increased by 9%.

The number of new COVID infection cases increased in the Western Pacific region (by 37%), in the Eastern Mediterranean (by 24%) and in Europe (by 7%). At the same time, incidence in the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Africa decreased by 20%, 8%, and 4%, respectively.

At the same time, more than half (51% or 11 million) of all new coronavirus cases worldwide occur in Europe.

The number of COVID victims increased the most in Southeast Asia (+41%) and the Eastern Mediterranean (+32%), while their numbers fell in Africa and Europe (-7% and -2% respectively).

According to the latest WHO data, 376.5 million people have contracted the coronavirus worldwide and 5.7 million have died as a result of the disease. At the same time, 1.9 million cases of infection and 6331 deaths were reported in the past day.

Recall that in Ukraine last day 30,768 new cases identified Coronavirus disease COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 4.1 million people have fallen ill in the country.

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