Saudi Arabia amends national flag law with creed – Archyde

Saudi Arabia will change national flag law with creed. Photo/REUTERS

RIAD – The government Saudi Arabia Preparation to amend the law (UU) regulating the national anthem and the national flag decorated with swords and inscriptions Faith .

State media reported on Tuesday (02/01/2022) that the Royal Shura Council voted in favor of the change on Monday evening.

It came as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman emphasized Saudi Arabia’s nationality and national pride.

While the decisions of the Shura Council have nothing to do with any existing law or structure, voting on the council is important as its members are appointed by the king and their decisions often coincide with the leadership.

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State media, quoted AP, reported that the amendment to the law supports changes to the system of the flag, slogan and national anthem, but not their content. The board has not disclosed any further details.

outlet Local media also reported that the proposed changes aim to more clearly define the proper use of the state coat of arms, raise awareness of the importance of the flag and the national anthem, and protect the flag from misuse or neglect.

Last week, Saudi Arabian police arrested four Bangladeshi men for violating the Saudi national flag bearing the creed after they were accused of throwing it in the trash.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA), state media, only reported that the Shura Council voted to approve a draft amendment to the nearly 50-year-old royal decree regulating the flag.

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