Rachel Maddow Takes a Break from News for Ben Stiller Movie

Ben Stiller, Rachel Maddow

Ben Stiller, Rachel Maddow
Foto: Noam Galai (Getty Images), Theo Wargo (Getty Images für NBC)

Today MSNBC host and commentator Rachel Maddow announced that she will be taking a break from her show to prepare to work on a Ben Stiller film based on her book and podcast series bag man. Maddows bag man follows the seemingly forgotten crimes of President Richard Nixon’s Vice President Spiro Agnew, who carried out bribery and racketeering schemes in the White House. Agnew resigned in 1973. “This has been in the works for a while now, but now it looks like it’s happening,” Maddow said on today’s show.

diversity announced Stiller would direct and co-write the film with Adam Perlman and Mike Yarvitz last year. Maddow was initially signed as executive producer, but it seems like her role has expanded significantly with her leaving the show for several months. Lorne Michaels is also signed as a producer, so maybe this is a comedy?

Despite being one of MSNBC’s biggest stars, Maddow nearly walked away earlier this year — until a contract negotiation allowed for more disruptions like the one she’s about to make. Pro Deadline, Maddow will still make time for coverage of major events like President Joe Biden’s State Of The Union, but she’ll also be working on a new book and podcast, which means less TV time.

Maddow assured viewers that she would return to her normal timeslot in April. However, she cautioned that another break could be around the corner, presumably whenever Stiller writes a cameo for her Zoolander 3.

Speaking of Stiller, his new TV series, heaviness, premiering on Apple TV+ this month. severance pay is a sci-fi satire about office workers who have a special lobotomy that allows them to create a hard mental block in their work-life balance. More importantly, we hope someone on the show continues the tradition of Stillers Escape at Dannemora star Benicio Del Toro and eventually burps “don’t tell anyone”.


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