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scandal of rape and violence against women Maurer Greenwood fatal effect. Nike, a clothing company, stopped working with him.

Greenwood’s case of sexual violence was immediately highlighted by Nike. The German clothing giant, which is the sponsor, said it has ended its collaboration with the England player.

“We have suspended our relationship with Mason Greenwood. We are deeply concerned by the troubling allegations and will continue to monitor the situation closely,” the statement said. Nike, which was reported by the Daily Mail.

Maurer Greenwood People arrested by police are still being held by Greater Manchester Police as of Sunday (30/01/2022) local time. young striker Manchester United was arrested for allegedly raping and abusing Harriet Robson, her lover.

Photos of the abused Harriet Robson are circulating on social media. After excavating information from the model, officers immediately arrested Greenwood. As of Monday (January 31, 2022), the 20-year-old footballer is still in custody.

Manchester United then commented on the imprisonment of its players. The Red Devils insisted the player would not be allowed to train and play until the case was closed.

Not only ban gambling, Manchester United get rid of Maurer Greenwood completely off the hook. Also on the official merchandise website there are no more Mason Greenwood knick-knacks when searching.

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