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TEMPO.CO, JakartaIndonesia needs to improve national capacities in the nuclear energy sector to boost nuclear energy research and development, said a member of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Steering Committee, Emil Salim.

“Nuclear energy technology requires special skills, expertise and skills. I wonder if Indonesia’s nuclear capacity would remain in 2024 and 2026 to catch up with the global standard and not lag behind in terms of capabilities,” Salim said in a written statement received through UNDER on Monday in Jakarta.

Indonesian scientists need to further expand the nation’s nuclear power technology capacity in line with the current global technology development and trend, he added.

Some factors to consider when developing nuclear power in Indonesia are funding, time, manpower, and cultural and safety factors, he said.

“Indonesia is a developing country and the COVID-19 pandemic has further constrained our financial conditions, either for short- or long-term development and innovation. Since the financial factor is crucial, we also need to compare the cost of developing nuclear energy with other energy sources,” added the former Advisory Board member.

He also pointed out that cultural and safety-related factors, including nuclear waste management, also need to be considered for the future development of nuclear technology in Indonesia.

“Nuclear power is a high-risk technology; therefore, highly developed skills are a must as safety must be a priority,” noted Salim.

The Steering Committee member reiterated BRIN’s commitment to solving environmental and climate change issues by supporting the net-zero emissions target by 2060 and finding sustainable energy sources for Indonesia’s electricity in the future.

The Research Agency, through the Nuclear The Power Research Organization will continue nuclear energy research to build a nuclear power plant domestically, he said.

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