Consequence of global warming: Sea level rises by 1.2 centimeters due to ice melt in Greenland

The Greenland ice sheet is melting as the ocean warms.
Image: dpa

With the 4.7 trillion tons of ice that have thawed in two decades, the entire surface of the United States could be submerged two feet. The melt comes from the warming of the Arctic Ocean.

Dhe Greenland ice sheet has lost 4.7 trillion tons of ice over the past 20 years, causing sea levels to rise by 1.2 centimeters. Since measurements began in April 2002, the ice sheet has lost 4,700 cubic kilometers of meltwater, it said Polar Portal, the umbrella organization for Danish Arctic research institutes, this week. That would put the entire surface of the United States under half a meter of water.

According to the study, which is based on data from the American-German satellite program “Grace”, the ice sheet on the coasts of the Danish self-governing region of Greenland is melting particularly rapidly. The west coast of Greenland is particularly affected.

A study published by the US space agency NASA at the end of January attributes the accelerated melting of ice near the coast to the warming of the Arctic Ocean. Global warming is particularly alarming in the Arctic. According to the latest scientific findings, in recent decades it has progressed three to four times faster than the global average.

According to the NASA study, the Greenland glaciers are now retreating six to seven times faster than they were 25 years ago. The ice melt in Greenland is currently the main factor behind the rise of the oceans. According to climate researchers, the Greenland ice sheet contains enough frozen water to raise ocean levels by more than seven meters.


Dramatic meltdown

Farewell to glaciers!
Image: NASA Earth Observatory

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