4 Zodiac Signs Bad At Planning Surprises

We all know that a person can almost never remember or plan for surprises. No matter how hard he or she tries, it’s impossible for them to plan surprises. They always end up spilling what they have planned for the day.

While her family and friends hate her for it and end up pondering what constitutes such a surprise spoiler, her stars can play a part.

Here are 4 zodiac signs that astrology says are bad at planning surprises.


It’s impossible for a Leo to plan a surprise if they’re working on it for a long time. Either they’ll make mistakes at the time of the action, or they’ll just spill the beans in front of everyone. Although their intentions are good, they find it impossible to remember or plan for surprises.

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A Cancer is also another zodiac sign that is bad at planning surprises. They often approach the person they want to surprise to find out what they like the most. While their intention is to ask it in a way that seems natural, they end up revealing everything to the person.

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An Aries is another zodiac sign that plans nasty surprises. They try their best not to ruin the experience for the other person but to no avail. Because of this, people prefer to keep them away from planning surprises, and they are the last person anyone will look up to to hold a surprise as a surprise.

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Scorpios are the worst at planning surprises. They end up surprising people in the most vague way. They seem to misdirect their efforts, which is why they end up spoiling surprises. Also, they’re just not meant to plan surprises.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are general, they primarily focus on your zodiac qualities; All of the above characteristics may not necessarily apply to you.

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