Vaccines: The importance of applying them throughout life

Vaccines help the baby’s natural defenses to develop immunity against these diseases. Some of the vaccines that babies receive can begin to lose their effectiveness as they grow, and at the same time, they can come into contact with different diseases.

Children need additional protection before the risk of exposure to infectious diseases at school increases, due to the close contact they may have with peers. Diseases such as measles, chickenpox, among others, are very contagiousTherefore, it is recommended that they be protected.

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As protection from childhood vaccines weakens, teens need boosters to extend protection against illnesses, such as the flu shot.

Before and during pregnancy, it is important to maintain vaccination. Adhering to the vaccination schedule before and during this stage allows a woman to pass on protection to her baby against some diseases, such as influenza and whooping cough, during the first months after birth. Talk to your doctor to find out which vaccines are recommended for you.

Adults may need other vaccines based on age, medical conditions, job, lifestyle, or travel habits. Also, the protection from the vaccines you received as a child can wear off over time.

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Vaccination has been shown to be the most useful strategy to prevent deaths from infectious diseases worldwide, doing it on time provides timely protection against each of the diseases and their complications.

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