Frans Bauer breaks down in the interview: “It affects me a lot” – Archyde

Frans shows his sensitive side in the interview. When William shows a photo of Frans with his son, the singer gets a lump in his throat. “I like such pictures very much. (…) Maybe it’s also because I’m getting older, that I deal with such things more emotionally. But then you realize that time flies so quickly.”

Even when a photo with his father appears, the singer is visibly trying to keep it dry. “I find it difficult to talk about my father. (…) We had a very special bond. We were actually one,” says Frans.

His father died of cardiac arrest at the age of 70. The singer could never give that a place. “I went to the hospital in Roosendaal where my father was admitted and at that moment my father was revived. You don’t process that quickly.

At the end of the conversation, it is precisely the photo with his father that Frans is given as a gift. “I give every shoot a special photo and I couldn’t ignore that with you. I hope you give it a nice spot,” begins William. Franz bursts into tears. “I’m sorry,” says the folk singer. “No, very good. I think it’s nice to see that it makes you so emotional. That’s what a photo does,” replies William. “Some photos just stick in your mind,” concludes Frans.

Watch the full interview with Frans here.

Times weren’t easy for the singer. Earlier this year, his wife Mariska suffered a stroke. Now that she’s back home, Frans shares how she’s doing. You can see it in the video below.

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