COVID: Why should I apply the vaccine booster?

Countries are trying to speed up coronavirus vaccination booster because they realized that immunity from early vaccines is waning and also to prevent the COVID-19 virus from continuing to mutate and create new strains.

If you’ve already had your first and perhaps your second COVID-19 vaccine and are hesitating to get your booster,Here we inform you about the benefits of going for that third injection.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have noted that eThe vaccine booster increases protection to a 90% level against serious illness or hospitalization for COVID.

In addition, hethe third dose would partially reduce the symptomatic infection by omicron.

For her part, Dr. María Elena Pajarito Melchor, Coordinator of Social Determinants of the Secretary of Health Jalisco, explained that the reinforcement of the vaccine is extremely important because “antibodies are created after the first scheme, but over the months they decrease and it is necessary to wake up the immune system again with a new vaccine so that immunity can be recovered”.

He said that antibodies do not remain throughout life with the same amount from the beginning.

“Reinforcement is recommended. mainly for older adults, but we will migrate to them being reinforcements from time to time in all age groups”.

The booster vaccine against COVID is usually the third dose, but it can be the second in the case of people who were vaccinated with biologicals Johnson & Johnson o Cansino.

Booster shots can be mixed and matched. In Mexico, the reinforcement of various sectors of the population is currently applied only with the Astrazeneca biological and all brands create antibodies and are safe regardless of the vaccines you have received before.


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