10-year-old boys now also called for HPV vaccination: 6 questions and answers – World Today News

3. Why was the vaccination age lowered to 10 years?

Since the vaccine works best before anyone comes into contact with the virus, the vaccination age is being lowered from 13 to 10 years. This maximizes the effectiveness of the vaccination.

Previously, girls as young as 13 were invited to get the HPV vaccine to ensure they were protected long enough. Now we know from studies that the vaccination protects for a long time and the injection can be given earlier, explains a spokesman for the RIVM.

HPV viruses are mainly found on the skin and mucous membranes around the genitals and in the mouth and throat, so that they are also easily transmitted via hands, fingers and mouth during sex.

4. Why should my son get this injection?

Not only women get cancer from the HPV virus. Every year in the Netherlands almost 400 men get cancer from HPV. About 80 percent of these can be prevented with the HPV vaccination, says the RIVM. It affects cancer of the anus, penis, and mouth and throat.

Oscar Brouwer, urologist at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, specializes in rare types of cancer: “More and more young men are being diagnosed with penile cancer. Sometimes a (partial) amputation of the penis is necessary to save a life. Of course, this has a big impact on a person’s life. I often talk to patients who would like to go back in time to get a vaccination, but unfortunately it is too late for them.”

The gynaecologist-oncologist Luc van Lonkhuijzen from Amsterdam UMC also wants to emphasize that vaccinating boys through herd immunity helps protect the entire population. “Vaccinating boys not only benefits them, it is also done out of solidarity with women who can become seriously ill.”


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