This is how pensions will increase after indexation in 2022. See current net calculations [31.01.2022] – After world

This is how pensions will increase after indexation in 2022. According to experts and government officials, indexation of pensions could be high this year. And that means further increases for seniors. See how much you can win.

The indexation of pensions always comes into effect on March 1st of each year. In this case, pensioners will receive a higher benefit. How will it be in 2022?

According to initial forecasts, indexation should be 104 percent. In the meantime, even more positive news is circulating. According to “Fakt”, the indexing index it can reach up to 106.7 percent.

How are pensions indexed? In March, the pension increases by the indexation index, which includes inflation of products and services, and by 20%. an increase in the average salary. Since inflation is very high, pensions will also be higher.

In the gallery below we present a special calculation of pensions for 2022, presented by the daily newspaper “Fakt”. The announced indexation rate of 106.7 percent was taken into account. See what pensions will look like in 2022 if the experts’ predictions come true.


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