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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Ministry of Commerce Together with the Directorate of Special Economic Crimes Bareskrim Police take action to reseal sales business expert adviser/Robot trade What PT DNA Pro Akademik.

“After we carried out surveillance based on the information we received, it was proven that the closing seal of PT DNA Pro Akademik was removed,” said the Ministry of Trade’s Director General of Consumer Protection and Order (PKTN) Veri Anggrijono in a statement in Jakarta, Saturday.

For information, previously the Directorate General of PKTN and the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) of the Ministry of Trade had sealed the operation of PT DNA Pro Akademik which was conducting sales business. expert adviser/unauthorized trading robot.

However, it was later discovered that PT DNA Pro Akademik disobeyed by opening the seal. Operational business activities circulate on social media.

On this basis, the Ministry of Trade and the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police took action against the company again by sealing the office. Veri said the company had committed serious violations. The Roboterhandel company does not have a license according to its line of business. The company is alleged to have violated the provisions of Law Number 7 of 2014 concerning Trade.

The violation is carrying out business activities selling Fachberater/Roboterhandel using the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) system on the basis of legality in the form of a business registration number (NIB) with the Indonesian Standard Classification of Business Fields 47999 (retail trade not in shops, kiosks, street vendors, and kiosks). other markets) which are not yet effective, verified, or do not have a direct sales business license from the Ministry of Trade.

Veri explained, based on the provisions of Government Regulation Number 5 of 2021 concerning Implementation of Risk-Based Business Licensing, direct selling business activities are included in the high risk category.

“According to Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation-Trade Sector, direct selling business actors who do not have business licenses can be punished with criminal sanctions,” said Veri.

This decisive action, continued Veri, was carried out to provide a deterrent effect to business actors as well as to provide an example so that business actors obey the rules.

“The Ministry of Trade is obliged to supervise business actors to be obedient and orderly so that they meet the requirements and obligations in doing business,” he said.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of CoFTRA, Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana, emphasized that law enforcement will be carried out on business actors who violate regulations and are proven to be defiant by opening the seal of closing businesses and re-operating.

The activities carried out by PT DNA Pro Akademi are also suspected of violating the provisions of Law Number 10 of 2011 concerning Amendments to Law Number 32 of 1997 concerning Commodity Futures Trading.

“This firm action was taken as a follow-up to the decision of the Investment Alert Task Force which banned PT DNA Pro Akademi’s activities in November 2021,” said Wisnu.

Wisnu explained that the Ministry of Trade would take a firm stance regarding violations of the law by commodity futures trading business actors.

“We hope that business actors comply with the provisions of Law Number 10 of 2011 concerning Amendments to Law Number 32 of 1997 concerning Commodity Futures Trading,” said Wisnu.

In order to protect the public from various illegal and harmful businesses, Vishnu asked the public to always be careful and be vigilant when making investments. The public can check the legality of business actors at

“In order to protect the public from various inducements and seductions from illegal investment business actors, the Ministry of Trade and the National Police Headquarters are committed to continuing to synergize in conducting surveillance.


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