McDonald’s employees file lawsuit against fast-food giant

The SDA alleges that some McDonald’s franchises not only withheld break entitlements from workers, but told workers they could get a free soda in lieu of paid rest, and that they weren’t given breaks because they were allowed to use the restroom and drink , whenever they wanted.

The SDA also requests that the court penalize McDonald’s for violating the Fair Work Act.

Josh Peak, secretary of South Australia’s SDA, said McDonald’s had been telling crew members “a fuzzy story” about their break entitlements for too long.

“Fast food restaurants are busy, hot and the work is tiring. It’s a shame to think that young workers have been denied their rightful breaks and told they don’t exist,” Mr Peak said.

Among the nine lawsuits currently in court, the SDA says it is now seeking compensation for nearly 900 current and former McDonald’s employees, covering over 110 locations nationwide.

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