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Mariana Popova and Maria Ilieva have been colleagues for many years, but so far they have never shown such close relations. As it turns out, the two singers are preparing to become a family, writes

Popova missed it and revealed a big secret from the private lives of the two singers and what actually connects them.

The charming singer Maria Ilieva published several photos of her son Alexander on the occasion of his fourth birthday. The words of the singer to her firstborn touched everyone on social networks, but what Popova wrote below caught our attention.

“To be a healthy son-in-law and have a happy holiday,” writes Mariana Popova. From her words it appears that her younger girl Ekaterina from actor Veselin Plachkov is a childhood friend with the eldest son of Ilieva. Both children are almost the same age. Cathy turned 3 years old in September 2021 and Maria’s heir turned 4 these days.

Many of the domestic stars congratulated Maria on Alexander’s birthday, including folk singer Desi Slava, Orlin Pavlov, Poli Genova, weather forecaster Gergana Malkodanska, Miro, Preslava, Konstantin, Dara, Nelly Petkova, Iva Ekimova, Dilyana Popova, Niki Kanchev, etc.


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