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Netflix and HBO GO are easily the most popular streaming platforms in the country, bringing us dozens of new series and movies every month. That’s why we regularly bring you a rundown of some of the most anticipated projects to enjoy on both services over the next week – and we also feature the Voyo platform, powered by Nova TV. You can find more tips and a lot of interesting things from the world of series on the server every day, which, like, belongs to the portfolio of the Internet Info publishing house.

So what are you up to Netflix, Voyo, and HBO GO Coming Week of January 31st?


Will Arnett has already shone on Netflix to restore Arrested Development and also as the voice of BoJack Horseman. In the new project, he transforms into Detective Terry Seattle, who teams up with various celebrities in a sitcom comedy. And it’s going to be a good trip.

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We can look forward to a new comedy series starring Will Arnett coming to Netflix on February 3rd.

Sweet magnolias

The romantically moving drama on Netflix continues with its second season. Here, too, we can look forward to lots of love twists, romantic milkers and first loves.

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The second season of the hit series will be released on Netflix on February 4th.


Rudolf Havlík and Radka Třeštíková have teamed up in a star-studded comedy depicting the sorrows and joys of contemporary partner and family life. And since this is a romantic comedy, Jiří Langmajer, Lenka Vlasáková and Táňa Pauhofová can’t be left out of the cast. These are supplemented, for example, by Jana Plodková and Marek Taclík (pictured).

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We can look forward to Havlík’s film coming to Netflix on January 31st.


Jan Mikolášek never studied medicine, but was one of the most sought-after healers during the communist regime. He is said to be able to diagnose many diseases, which he treats with herbal potions. His clientele included members of all walks of life, from ordinary people to party officials. Director Agnieszka Holland transferred his story to the screen two years ago. The main roles were played by Ivan and Josef Trojan, who played Mikolášek at different stages of his life. In the background we follow the events from World War I to Mikolášek’s death in 1973

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We can also look forward to Charlatan on Netflix on January 31st.

Raised by wolves

After less than two years, Ridley Scott returns with his next sci-fi project that also brings religious themes to the sci-fi world. Second, the two central androids raising human offspring must contend with other issues in a religiously divided world, but also with a particular snake child.

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We see the first three parts of the second series Raised Wolves on February 3rd on HBO GO.


Astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) retires and embarks on one final space mission to install new systems on the Hubble Space Telescope. He is joined on the mission by a determined but not very experienced Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock). As they ascend into space, however, they are both thrown into a swarm of Russian satellite debris, destroying their space shuttle and cutting off communications with Earth. Both must reach the Russian space station Soyuz. But the oxygen decreases sharply…

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We’ll see Gravity on HBO GO on February 1st.

Hugo and his great discovery

Director Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. And when he decided to pay homage to cinema’s ancestor, Georges Mélies, it was a huge success. The story of the little boy Hugo, who longs for his legacy after the death of his father, offers a poetic and touching adventure in which a child’s imagination intertwines with the reality of film development. Asa Butterfield, Chloë Grace Moretz, Jude Law, Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen and Christopher Lee star in the lead roles.

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We can follow the big discovery on HBO GO starting February 3.

city ​​of sin

Frank Miller’s comic book series is one of the gems of “adult comics” and the processing of his short stories became a hit in 2005. Prepared by Miller in collaboration with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, the film then featured the stories of a loving police officer, Hartigan, who sets out to save his loved one in prison, but also Dwight. He accidentally killed a police officer and wants to cover his tracks. Not only her, but other outcast tales can only be seen in Sin City, the chronicle of the rotten city of Basin City. Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis stand out at the head of the cast.

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We’re going to Sin City on February 4th on HBO GO.


In recent years, director Damien Chazelle has climbed to the top of what has clearly been the prestigious Oscar for La La Land. But before the famous musical, he shot the psychological drama Whiplash. Its protagonist is drummer Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller), who longs for a respectable place in a jazz band. Teacher Talence Fletcher (JK Simmons) notices his talent and actually offers him a place. Thanks to Terence’s unorthodox methods, Andrew begins to train so hard that he truly becomes a star. At the same time, it goes beyond its capabilities. And from this trip he doesn’t have to go back to normal and the girl he loved isn’t coming back…

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The musical drama premieres February 6 on HBO GO.

Plumber from Tuchlovice

Tomáš Vorel is undoubtedly one of the greatest Czech directors of the last thirty years, and his films have a special poetic quality. After the celebrations of the Czech countryside in the Cesta z města trilogy, the plumber from Tuchlovice set about drawing a simpleton who can fix anything. Anything but your own life. Jakub Kohák, who played Lubošek Cafourek in his first leading role, plays a sad hero who, in addition to comical situations, also has to struggle with social problems, racism and domestic violence. Will he finally be able to solve his life story?

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The combination of Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra always offers an action cut. This time, Liam becomes air agent Bill Marks who, after dozens of boring missions, faces a very dangerous terrorist. He threatens to kill passengers on the plane if he doesn’t receive a ransom. But what if his secret account is in Bill Marks’ name? Is the agent guilty?

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We will see both projects on Voyo on February 3rd.


Steve Jobs was undoubtedly one of the greatest figures in modern history. The visionary and founder of the computer company Apple is famous for his unconventional methods, which he used to get to the top. In 2013, director Joshua Michael Stern directed a film about him, starring Ashton Kutcher. Although considered by many to be weaker than Danny Boyle’s later Steve Jobs, this film is in many ways more faithful to Jobs’ beginnings and motivations.

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Jobs can be viewed on Voyo.

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