Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to launch a total of 52 rockets in 2022

KOMPAS.com – accompaniment spacecraft SpaceX heard Elon Moschus plans to launch dozens of flights throughout 2022. If successful, the mission will be a start rocket most of what SpaceX has done in a single year.

Start CNBCOn Thursday (January 27, 2022), the Musk company also recorded the most flights into space in 2021, namely 31 flights.

Now they’re trying to hit a new target by 2022 by flying at least one rocket a week.

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This was announced by SpaceX during a virtual meeting with the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration Oversight Committee (NASA). At the meeting, panel member Sandra Magnus announced that this private company would launch 52 rockets by 2022.

“That’s incredible speed,” said Magnus.

However, Magnus did not specify whether SpaceX’s planned launch would include a test flight of its Starship prototype rocket.

NASA has also provided guidance to space agencies to ensure safety ahead of this major program.

“NASA and SpaceX must secure and prioritize NASA missions and the associated resources to secure these goals,” Magnus said.

However, flight schedules into space are subject to change, so there is no guarantee SpaceX will make 52 launches this year.

As reported by The edgeOn Thursday (January 27, 2022), the company is also scheduled to set up a satellite constellation Starlink This will require thousands of spacecraft launches into low to medium earth orbits to provide broadband internet access around the world.

SpaceX is one of NASA’s space flight partners. They are responsible for transporting astronauts and NASA cargo to and from the International Space Station.

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In addition, SpaceX also has many customers from other companies that launch Internet satellites to transmit the Internet to Earth. This is also considered an opportunity to save costs for entrepreneurs.

For example rocket Falke 9 With which SpaceX launched its Transporter 3 mission in early January 2022, it has successfully launched its 10th Starlink satellite in less than 20 months since its first launch.

rocket The Falcon 9 is also scheduled to bring the satellite back before the end of this month. SpaceX also has several Falcon Heavy rockets that will launch in 2022.

This year, however, SpaceX said that missions into space this year would prioritize their own needs.

On the other hand, the many constellations of the orbiting Starlink satellites have been criticized by various parties, including astronomers. They warned that the Starlink satellite could potentially affect astronomers’ performance in detecting asteroids approaching Earth.

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