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According to the information available to the Telegram TV channel, the Russian actor Leonid Kuravlev died today, January 30, at the age of 86 after a long battle with Covid-19.

After the death of his wife Nina Vasilyevna, the artist became a loner and spent the last months of her life in a nursing home. Recently there were reports about the deteriorating health of Leonid Kuravlov, and today his death became known, reports the Russian portal “”.

The 85-year-old artist was recently diagnosed with pneumonia and had severe brain damage. In the final days of his life, the “Afonya” star couldn’t eat himself – a tube was inserted into his stomach to deliver nourishment.

Lovers of Kuravlov’s work cannot believe in the tragedy and express their condolences to his relatives – his daughter Ekaterina, son Vasily and grandchildren. By the way, the artist’s family has not yet commented on his death.

Recall that in 2012 Leonid Vyacheslavovich buried his beloved wife Nina Vasilyevna, with whom she lived for more than 50 years. Since then, the actor has become self-absorbed and did not want to participate in social events. The Soviet film star spent the last months of his life in a special facility for the elderly.

“Kuravļov came to us in the summer, so about six months ago. As I understand it, it was the aftermath of my grief after the death of my wife. apathy, depression. At the same time, Leonid Vyacheslavovich was also in good physical condition, since it was impossible to live without her. He slept, didn’t walk at all. Of course, he changed with age, lost weight, but was recognizable. As I was told, for a long time and gradually he began to close – at first he narrowed his circle, but then stopped communicating with people at all. The children realized that they could not cope on their own, they wanted to help him come back to reality so that at least he could have contact with someone. After all, in the past, Kuravlev was the soul of the entire company,” said the nursing home employees.

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