Bára Jánová: First words after leaving Survivor! – After world

After Matěj Paprčiak, actress Bára Jánová is the second person to quit the reality show Survivor. Check out her first words after leaving the competition!

The actress, known from the series Slunečná, failed to keep her balance. He therefore had to leave the competition and go home. On this occasion, she called her fans on Instagram.

“Vamos, Mao, Vamos! Mao tribe I love you !!!! All of them! There is so much, too much. I’ll share with you what Survivor gave and didn’t take from me! to fly home. And you know what? My mother “Today is her 60th birthday. Thank you Mama. You are the best mom in the world. I’m coming for you,” she wrote.

“You gave it with honor,” wrote actress Eva Decastelo. “We watched, fingers crossed! We were very sorry for your absence today, but on the other hand it must have been incredibly exhausting, so you must be looking forward to going home, right?” added chef from the Czech MasterChef program Pavel Berky.


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